Trading journal – 27th July 2020

It’s easy to get caught playing the game of “if I had….”, so that’s the technique for me to practice at the moment: coaching myself or victory by not interfering and making peace with my past decisions. In this case it’s my dceios  not to add at regular intervals, so I can focus on letting this one run, the purpose being not to get caught out (stopped out) of a big move. In this case it makes sense, the pair is volatile and the factors driving the trade are unclear. How is this different from my cocoa or copper trades? I think it maybe feels like there are so many more different variables at play in this trade and whether that’s an illusion or I’ve conceived the story that way I can’t tell. All I know is that in this moment the most important thing for me is to stay on this winner and follow it as far as it goes and the only way I can do that without exposing myself to getting stopped out is to not add to the initial position.

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