What do we do?

This site is focused on commodities trading futures (as well as trading futures generally).

It contains:

The main issues for most retail traders are:

  • bad sources of information
  • they don’t have anyone to discuss each trade with
  • no structure for how to review their approach

That is what causes most losses for retail traders.

The website resources and the markets blog are intended to address the issue of bad information. The Trade Coaching seeks to address the issue of having no one to discuss your trades with.

This website and specifically the trading blog does not contain specific financial advice for your own situation, this is general market analysis only and . Please ensure you consult other sources and only use information here as part of an overall portfolio approach. I offer no guarantees about the value of my insights, I am bound to be wrong and you could lose all of your money trading futures or other financial derivatives in a multitude of ways (picking the wrong direction, betting too much or too little, using the wrong product, using the wrong broker (e.g. they go bankrupt, give bad fills, use erroneous data like the proverbial ‘bucket shop’ to hit your stops etc).

All of these things are just some of the ways to go broke, there are many more not listed here so – DO YOUR RESEARCH and check multiple sources, hear the critics and assess their assertions with an open mind.

If you are a beginner, bet small. That’s so you can allow for the cost of all these wonderful ‘lessons’ and still have some capital left to bet with once you finally know what you’re doing.

And yes I did say ‘bet’ – make no mistake, markets are the biggest casino in the world and you should treat them as such. You would never take your life savings to one casino because ‘it’ is more reputable (or has a financial sticker on it). There is a section on ‘position sizing’.

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