Trading journal – 22 November 2020

My gold position reversed and netted out for zero gain.

I went long copper at 2.95, then added 3.05, then again at 3.12 and 3.22. Going well so far but reaching the 5 year high, so likely some resistance around here and the contract roll due.

The thought which has been circulating in my head is that when I roll the contract the variable PnL which is unrealised will become realised and the daily price fluctuations will start to show a loss. So I need to either be committed to a specific loss amount or move my stop up significantly. Just not an ideal time in the trend to get out. I suppose if the trend is strong then the stop shouldn’t need to be too far away from the spot market price.

If the price then dropped back a long way it would be hard to hold on anyway so I think the best decision from here is to roll the contracts and move the stop up.

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