Trading journal – 5th March 2019

Not much to update to my existing views.

ESH19 – stopped out at 2813 last night, felt I was risking too much with my total equity short position so needed to cut this to de-risk.

KCK19 – coffee  bounced back in my favour but still need to decide whether to sell 1 put option given the return is about 3 to 1 at the moment.

GCH19 – still surprised the market is back this far. Just watching for now.

HGH19 – copper fading after failing to penetrate the 200 DMA by more than 6%.

SBK19 – sugar was really negative. I had thought about going long, that is surprising the 200 DMA didn’t hold.

A lot of the grain complex look like they’ve been pushed to the lows and are now bouncing back or might be about to. Going to keep an eye on this with a view to possibly taking a long position.

There was also a big spike in VIX volume. That’s a good sign.

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