trading journal – 17th February 2019

DXH19 – I am surprised this was so weak on Friday to drop back below 97. maybe coming back to the 100 DMA before another attempt.

E6H19 – has this now become a genuine break below 1.14? Looks like it might finally be a good time to sell if it rallies back up towards 1.14.

B6H19 – market has come gently lower so unlikely to see any action below 1.25. Expecting my 1.24 put options should expire worthless.

GCG19 – Gold definitely looking like it is trending higher now, just need to get on board.

SIH19 – Silver has broken through the 200 DMA, the downward slope of the 200 DMA is not a good sign however the fact gold has turned the corner and all the moving averages are now stacked bullishly for gold makes me think this could have a positive outcome.

PLH19 – good that i got stopped out as the price continued lower.

PAH19 – Still driving higher, bouncing off the 15 day moving average. a relentless trend. The price is now 30% above the 200 DMA which is an extreme distance, I am tempted to buy some mean reversion options if they are available and sit on that.

HGH19 – copper has now failed at the 200 DMA and looks like a good opportunity to go short.

SBH19 – a poor effort by me on monitoring positions, I did not get an entry on this as I did not leave an order after deciding to go long around 12.53 with a stop just below. Oh well, have to continue to watch.

CCH19 – cocoa has turned things around and the price is now moving higher, but a big question with the 200 DMA coming down from overhead – will this be a negative outcome.

KCH19 – I left an entry order to go long at 98.50 with the intention that my 5 put options with 24 days to expiry and a strike of 0.9750 would provide a good stop. In the end I was not paying attention and left the entry order for the expiring March contract whilst the options were for the May contract. Noticing a lot of attention to detail mistakes creeping in recently. Getting distracted with work and family stuff. Might need to cut down my focus to just one trade at a time.

OJH19 – OJ overall not looking good, more likely to continue lower.

CTH19 – looks like consolidation before the downtrend continues at this stage.

LSH19 – starting to look quite strong and may be making a genuine break higher.

ZWH19 – still sideways.

ZCH19 – no real pattern aside from a broad range trading between 400 and 360. So that would say buy at 360 and sell at 400.

ZSH19 – failing at the 200 DMA.

ZMH19 – still finding support around 305.

ZOH19 – undecided at the moment.

RSH19 – back at the lows.

CLH19 – not sure here.

NGH19 – too much going on here for me to get involved. Right back near the lows.

LEM19 – cattle getting back on the front foot.

DYH19 – I am short 1 unit from 11,187

ESH19 – I have some exposure on OTM equity put options with a range of expiries and will shortly look to buy some 2750 call options to use as a guaranteed stop on going short outright futures from say 2725 in case it gets there.

NQH19 – Bought 2 x very short dated expiries and will continue to buy short term near dated expiries.

VIG19 – I am long from 17.20. stopped out at 16.6

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