Trading Journal – 16th January 2019

DXH19 – DXY bouncing earlier than expected. no action for now.

E6H19 – The Euro is still holding above 1.14. Looks like my options will expire worthless at this stage. I’ve left a limit order to sell if there is a spike to cover my cost. If the market breaks through 1.16 then it could quickly go higher, it has been consolidating sideways for quite some time.

B6H19 – Bought 2 put options with 3 days to expiry and 1.26 strike at 0.0015, sold 1 at 0.0030 and hanging on to the other one in case there’s a big move. I did consider selling the second one at 0.0030, if nothing changes in the short term then might just get rid of it. Sterling holding on for now after the Brexit vote rejected.

GCG19 – Obviously I’m biased (being long) but at this stage just another pull back in the uptrend it looks like. I want to buy more call options but it could move against me. Don’t invest more until it shows a return. Price still holding up well.

SIF19 – Another very positive day for silver. Could this be a break out? Definitely starting to look like there’s a good chance this will co

PLH19 – the pullback did happen after the break out on the big bullish candle and I got filled on my buy order at 812 but stopped out towards the end of the session at 801.50.

HGH19 – bought two copper put options each at 0.0115 and 0.100 (multiplier USD 25k) with a 2.50 and 2.49 strike respectively and 20 days to expiry. Seems to be coming off the short term rally after peaking on the 9th.

SBH19 – A big up day for sugar and divergence from surrounding commodities. Two big impulses in the space of a week and the moving averages are all turning higher together. I will look to buy near 13.00.

CCH19 – cocoa seems to be losing the battle, see if the medium term averages can halt the slide, they are the last hurdle to break.

KCH19 – still finding support at the old low but looks to be fading now. Back towards the previous low.

OJH19 – OJ overall not looking good.more likely to continue lower.

CTH19 – The bounce is weakening already. Cotton could be making a bearish break – good set up to sell into the 40 day moving average.

LSH19 – Price up again although not very convincing.

ZWH19 – still sideways.

ZCH19 – no real pattern aside from a broad range trading between 400 and 360. So that would say buy at 360 and sell at 400.

ZSH19 – I took profit on this one at 924. The price seems at a cross roads and it is not clear who is going to prevail. Wait until there’s a clear winner and then get back on board.

ZMH19 – indecisive. Big failure on the 10th of January.

ZOH19 – strong rejection at 300.

RSH19 – the price DID NOT bounce off 480, bearish break? I’m going to sell with a stop just above 480.

CLG19 – Following the huge volume in the last 15 sessions I think there is a good chance of the price drifting back down again. The previous high was 53.31, which is not too far away now so I might have a chance to get short near the previous high.

NGG19 – huge volatile moves in gas continue.

LEG19 – Looking a lot more like a genuine move now. Break higher on big volume after a consolidation, going to try and get on board this one. Ideally just want to watch the following days price action for a pull back and then get long.

DYH19 – still not getting to the 40 day moving average.

ESH19 – I moved my entry order to sell at 2595 with a stop just above 2600 up to an entry of 2615 and a stop at 2640 to avoid what happened on the Nasdaq for comparable levels, however I’m not sure it’s going to get there.

NQH19 – Put an entry order to sell at 6618 (the 40 DMA) and a stop at 6630. I got stopped out on this second attempt to get short on Wednesday. Think maybe I should buy a very short term option, like 2 or 3 days to expiry as a better stop. Still I have only paid $450 across both trades, so they are relatively tight stops.

VIG19 – the VIX is finally a buy again!!! back to 18.63, right at the 200 DMA.

– after writing each entry, check whether I need to add an action to my list
– think about long order for LEG19.
– consider selling other GBP put option.
– buy VIX contract

– go short RSH19 with a stop above 480.

– review my daily journal for action items I have missed before sending it.

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