Trading journal – 5th December

DXZ18 – a big bounce from the 40 day moving average and now the US dollar is on the front foot.

GCG19 – more pressure to the upside so just have to wait and see

KCH19 – still drifting lower

ZWH19 – waiting for 500.

CCH19 – possibly about to make a lower high and then sell off again towards 2000.

SBH19 – nothing today.

HGZ18 – Wait and see.

ZSF19 – indecisive

ZMF19 – indecisive

ZOH19 – still sideways.

RSF19 – nothing on this for me at the moment

DYZ18 – still in a downtrend.

ESZ18 – big ugly day yesterday so be interesting to see how it responds over the next couple of days.

NQZ18 – hard to read so just going to watch.

LSF19 – waiting on 300.

CTH19 – reversal day on Monday, can cotton recover? Wait and see.

OJF19 – watching this for now.

SIF19 – drifting higher.

PLF19 – down again.

VIZ18 – a massive spike and disappointing to have missed it but I could not tolerate the lost so better to get out and miss the upside knowing that I’m prioritise protecting my capital and another opportunity will come along at some point . One that is a better risk/reward.

Actions required as a result of today’s journal
– stay disciplined not to take any action whilst feelings about my most recent loss are still in my short term memory.

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