Trading journal – 4th December

DXZ18 – still drifting back towards the 40 day moving average.

GCG19 – looks like gold is trying to make a break with the price currently pushing 1243. It’s still a long way from 1300 but if a break is made then it could reach the 200 day moving average relatively quickly. 1250 is the next level to be surpassed and where the previous rally failed in late October.

KCH19 – still looking terrible and no change to my view we are headed for the previous low near 100. It’s already through the 61.8% retracement of the run from 98 to 129. On a long term chart the 150 area seems to be a pretty big level, and obviously with 100 being a nice big round number I’m wondering if the story of the next year or so will be framed within those two parameters however for now I think we’re just waiting to see whether coffee is able to start forming a bottom.

ZWH19 – more weakness from wheat as the price back down towards 500 again.

CCH19 – I’ll be interested to see if the price can overcome all the short term moving averages which are stacked hereabouts.

SBH19 – staying to look soft again.

HGZ18 – not a great look for the last two sessions. Wait and see.

ZSF19 – is it coming back to confirm the old resistance as support?

ZMF19 – not a good idea buying into a big picture downtrend without some statistical structure or support around my approach.

ZOH19 – so seems to be in there with a chance of pushing on but no good risk reward for me right now.

RSF19 – nothing on this for me at the moment

DYZ18 – still in a downtrend.

ESZ18 – looks like it could bed heading south again from here. This will be the third time that it’s failed at 2818.

NQZ18 – fading from the 200 day moving average.

LSF19 – waiting on 300.

CTH19 – reversal day on Monday, can cotton recover? Wait and see.

OJF19 – watching this for now.

SIF19 – drifting higher.

PLF19 – down again.

VIZ18 – finding a low around.

Actions required as a result of today’s journal
– stay disciplined not to take any action whilst feelings about my most recent loss are still in my short term memory

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