Trading journal – 28th November

DXZ18 – still building for a run at the previous high, 97.50. Should happen shortly.

GCZ18 – Noise. Fading from a lower high. If the price gets down to 1180 I’d be tempted to go long.

KCH19 – got a small bounce but nothing major for me period one interesting thing I did note is the 61.8% retracement level of the move from 98 up to 129 is 110 so if it holds here then this could actually be a big bullish move.

ZWH19 – a weak really and now drifting lower again, mostly due to the US dollar move I would guess.

CCH19 – waiting for 2000.

SBH19 – the 61.8 percent retracement of the move from late September to late October is 12.11 so it will be interesting to watch that level similar to the move in coffee.

HGZ18 – still nothing.

ZSF19 – nothing.

ZMZ18 – soybean meal looks to be preparing for a possibly significant downside break. It’s had a long uptrend and has gone sideways for the last 3 years between 300 and 400 with a couple of false breaks on the upside. Now we are seeing a consolidated test of the downside. Anything below 300 would be good to see and then 285 would be the next hurdle to clear.

ZOH19 – I think this is a good buy for me around current levels. The 40 day moving average has provided good support and we’ve seen a series of higher lows and higher highs.

RSF19 – it’s dropping towards 470 so I think I’m keen to take a short position on a break below that level with a stop just above.

DYZ18 – this is the selling opportunity that I’ve been looking for with a move up towards the 40 day moving average. I think if I can get short anywhere between 11520 and 11600 and that would be great. However given there is already a previous high around 11500 I might not get the chance to sell that high.

LSF19 – didn’t get the chance to sell this time because I didn’t have an order in at 365 and the high was 367. Poor attention to detail. Also perhaps a low conviction trade as I’m not that upset about it.

CTH19 – very volatile around the lows so just not a good time to get involved

OJF19 – I’m expecting it will fade from here but there’s no action for me to take.

SIF19 – waiting for 14. It seems to be getting there.

PLF19 – I’ll be interested to see if this rally continues and we get another chance to sell somewhere near the 200 day moving average. This looks like a great downtrend to get on to.

VIZ18 – waiting for around 18.50 before going long again. Almost there.

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