Trading journal – 27th September

DXZ18 – still finding good support at the 40 day moving average but not a good risk reward for entry. Building for a run at the previous high, 97.50.

GCZ18 – Noise. Fading from a lower high.

KCH19 – looks like this will continue back down to 100.

ZWH19 – wheat bought again at the lows, still lacking direction though.

CCZ18 – is it a buy near 2000? I’m not sure. so that’s a no.

SBH19 – If this keeps on going sideways we could see the longer term moving averages start to turn higher.

HGZ18 – still nothing. The congregation of the moving averages may signal the price is building for a move higher, however I could only see the target in the short term as the 200 day moving average.

ZSF19 – pretty negative session – does the downtrend resume? I would think so but only after a downside break of 825.

ZMZ18 – soybean meal looks to be preparing for a possibly significant downside break. It’s had a long uptrend and has gone sideways for the last 3 years between 300 and 400 with a couple of false breaks on the upside. Now we are seeing a consolidated test of the downside. Anything below 300 would be good to see and then 285 would be the next hurdle to clear.

ZOH19 – glad I avoided this one for now, however if I was looking to buy at the 40 day moving average then this would be a good time to do it. I will look to see where price opens on Tuesday’s session.

RSF19 – it’s dropping towards 470 so I think I’m keen to take a short position on a break below that level with a stop just above.

DYZ18 – this might be the selling opportunity that I’ve been looking for with a move up towards the 40 day moving average. I think if I can get short anywhere between 11520 and 11600 and that would be great.

LSF19 – looks like it’s starting to lose momentum and could be a good sell with a target down it 300 . If my entry was at the current market price which is 356 then a stop would need to be at 375 and then I would be targeting 55 points on the down side so the risk reward is not great but if I was to wait for an entry at 365 then the risk reward would become 4 to 1.

CTH19 – very volatile around the lows so just not a good time to get involved

OJF19 – I’m expecting it will fade from here but there’s no action for me to take

SIF19 – waiting for 14.

VIZ18 – waiting for around 18.50 before going long again.

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