Trading journal – 26th November

DXZ18 – still finding good support at the 40 day moving average but not a good risk reward for entry

GCZ18 – still mostly noise at this stage but I am impressed the way the midpoint of the candle from the 11th of October has provided support and the bears were not able to push below the bottom of the candle from that day. No good entry points so just watching for now.

KCH19 – looks like this will continue back down to 100. I was too aggressive in my initial adding to the position for this particular move so have missed out on about 10 big figures. Still when adding to the position every 3% works it’s spectacular so I need to keep that in mind as a balancing fact that I’ll miss out on trades like this.

ZWH19 – if I step back to a 6 month chart this looks like it’s going to break down through the lows and in addition there’s the maintenance of a big round number to push through so I would expect 500 to get tripped off shortly. The next Target below there is 482.

CCZ18 – even though there’s been a clear downtrend since the peak in May the last section of this downtrend makes me wonder if it’s not starting to consolidate sideways. It has made a new low back in October but we’re coming up to the 1850 level where the last big bull market launched from.

SBH19 – similar to coffee seems to be drifting lower with the eventual target I would expect around 11.

HGZ18 – still nothing

ZSF19 – sideways

ZMZ18 – sideways

ZOH19 – going to wait. Would like to see this pull back a little bit closer to the 40 day moving average before going long.

RSF19 – looking back through the last year the picture is definitely negative for canola with the peak from 600 being met by a lower high on every major rally and the price drifting down towards the bottom of the range at 475. Looking at a 5 year chart it’s not 2 Extended and there’s still room on the downside for the price to make a major break first towards the 450 level and then below that to the 400 level. It’s probably worth taking a short position on a break below 470 for me.

DYZ18 – could not break through 11000 just yet but you would think that is given shortly.

LSF19 – if this got up to 382 I think it would be a good sell for me because once a downtrend has started I find that frequently the 100 day moving average is a good place to get on board.

CTH19 – 76.60 is the bottom of the most recent range so I would expect that to be tested either need some and if that break is successful that will probably set direction for the following month or so.

OJF19 – no signal for me here.

SIF19 – waiting for 14.

VIZ18 – waiting for around 18.50 before going long again.

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