Trading journal – 6th November

DXZ18 – the price has dropped back right to the short term moving average and is sitting just above 96 even so it is a good level to get in with a short stop just below at 95.95. Went long just now at 96.105 with a stop at 95.95.

GCZ18 – again just a nothing day.

KCZ18 – the price came off heavily after trying to break through the 200 day moving average again. I didn’t get short but I suppose at the same time it could be a signal that prices are possibly going higher.

ZWZ18 – wheat down again overnight but still seems to be holding about 500 I’m still thinking this is going to move higher from here.

CCZ18 – consistent buying and we are now approaching the previous High which is at 2397. I would probably think from here it is more likely to fail than anything else but I’m not taking any action.

SBH19 – the price looks like it’s fading from here and probably not a bad idea to sell short under the 200 day moving average.

HGZ18 – hard to say which way the last few days indicate the price will go. There was a lot of buying on big volume during Friday’s session which hasn’t really been completely erased just yet so that would still be bullish for now.

ZSF19 – the price has not passed the October 15th High so in the short term I would say that is negative but I will wait to see how it behaves relative to the candle from the first of November which was very large volume and the mid point is at 866.

ZMZ18 – still looking weak

ZOZ18 – the structure of the moving averages is starting to look really bullish for oats. Although it may be coming back to test the midpoint of the Breakout candle as resistance this time. That is roughly at 293.

RSF18 – it doesn’t look like I’ll get the chance to sell above 490. Next stop I will would expect is 475. The bottom of the range from December 1976 to the present is around 357. Seems to have been a structural shift in the mark around that time but I don’t know what it was.

DYZ18 – price seems to be fading after a small push through the 15 day moving average which is a concern

LSF19 – a big gap higher and on large volume but the trend is overwhelmingly still down so have to wait and see.

CTZ18 – another indecisive day

OJF19 – nothing here for me

SIZ18 – a significant bounce on Thursday but then nothing the last two sessions.

VIX18 – still waiting for volatility to drop further and equities to continue to rally.

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