Trading Journal – 1st November

DXZ18 – got stopped out at 96.36. disappointing however I guess that’s more reflective of trend than anything else. Need to focus on good risk reward entries.

GCZ18 – failing and heading back towards the bottom end of the range and maybe lower it seems. The 100 DMA might have been a great place to sell.

KCZ18 – a doji at the bottom of the trend, not a good sign for a short position. The price might reverse from here. The question is how far. My break even should have been about 1.17 after hitting the 4th add to my current position at 1.1170. Because I missed one of the entry orders and sold at 1.1365 instead of 1.1516 my average price is about 40 points lower at 1.1662. Wait and see how this impacts but I suppose it doesn’t make that much difference.

ZWZ18 – a dip lower and recovery in the same session. another good sign for wheat heading higher but at the same time it keeps posting lower highs.

CCZ18 – probably will go higher again.

SBH19 – still looking very weak. Will it hold at the 200 DMA? wait and see.

HGZ18 – basically a US Dollar bounce. Probably highlights the weakness in gold and silver more than anything else.

ZSF19 – a bad sign to lose half a percent when the US Dollar index is also down half a percent.

ZMZ18 – I sense the break below 300 could be happening.

ZOZ18 – nothing here for me.

RSF18 – nothing here for me.

DYZ18 – building towards the 100 DMA.

LSF19 – a decent bounce although only to the short term moving average.

CTZ18 – cotton also soft, probably a sign of weakness to come.

OJF19 – a bad sign, down 0.43% whilst DXY is also down.

SIZ18 – an above average bounce but the short term picture is still poor.

VIX18 – coming back down, waiting for it to come further.

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