Trading Journal – 23rd October

DXZ18 – drifting higher, looks like the price is making it’s final approach to 96.

GCZ18 – weaker this morning, back to 1225 but still holding a high line near the top of the break out candle.

KCZ18 – I was not sure if coffee was going to push into the top of Friday’s range before failing but it just went straight down. It will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

ZWZ18 – went long at 509.25, sitting at 508 this morning. Just expecting the price to continue to go sideways for now.

CCZ18 – could be building for something larger but i’m still a little sceptical at this point.

SBH19 – this could be providing a good opportunity to short sugar. Failing at the 14 level. It might break higher but the consolidation below the level is starting to give me pause for concern.

HGZ18 – a big bad sign for copper, attempted break higher and now I suspect we will soon see a move back towards 2.60.

ZSX18 – nothing here for me.

ZMZ18 – same story as soybeans, fading from the 100 DMA. maybe 300 next stop?

ZOZ18 – starting to feel like oats could still surprise me. It is holding around the mid-point of the breakout candle and still not budging. I’m just going to continue monitoring.

RSX18 – lots of chop. staying away.

DYZ18 – it might not rally from here. have to wait.

SIZ18 – still drifting sideways. the price has tried to go below the July 2015 lows and failed. This is a good sign (so far).

VIX18 – waiting for it to come to me (i.e. lower).

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