Trading Journal – 22nd October

DXZ18 – now this is starting to look like an uptrend again, good buying near the 100 DMA seems to be the most consistent entry point, about 50-70pts below the 100 DMA. More dumb things from Trump over the weekend should be supportive for the DXY today.

GCZ18 – More dumb things from Trump over the weekend should also be supportive for gold today. It is staying in a small contained range near 1233 so it might not be a bad time to buy call options to the upside on Gold. 1291 is the topside target in the short term. I went long at 1228.

KCZ18 – coffee really looks like a fail from here, long upper tail following a long bullish run and i would expect moving back to the 100 area over the next 3 weeks.

ZWZ18 – wheat has the look of a price which is not going lower so i’m thinking to go long, buying the low side of the range and that’s around 507 at the moment.

CCZ18 – hard to say on this at the moment, looks like it might go higher, just off the recent highs set on Thursday.

SBH19 – the price seems to be preparing for a move higher. The 6% penetration of the 200 DMA is at 14.26. I’m almost tempted to put in a sell order at that level, similar to coffee.

HGZ18 – trend is drifting lower, nothing for me.

ZSX18 – could fade away from here, not looking good in the short term with 100 DMA pressure overhead.

ZMZ18 – same story as soybeans, fading from the 100 DMA.

ZOZ18 – need to put a stop on this one, thinking 293 is the level, was long from 302 and the bullish breakout has not been sustained.

RSX18 – most of the grains are being relatively well supported, this might go higher too.

DYZ18 – the DAX is looking like rubbish at the moment, I would be surprised if we get the rally to 12,000 I was hoping for.

SIZ18 – seems to have found buyers around this level, went long at 14.61.

VIX18 – I’m looking to get long again, just waiting for another rally in equity markets.

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