Trading Journal – 16th October

DXZ18 – seems weaker at the moment, short term momentum not strong. no trades for me.

GCZ18 – not sure if I am waiting for strength or weakness but i’m waiting.

KCZ18 – incredible run that i missed after waiting a while and then getting stopped out going both short and long.

ZWZ18 – sort of going sideways but does also look like it might go higher. not sure, so wait for a sign.

CCZ18 – seems like a positive sign the last few days but also still in a down trend so perhaps the rally before another drop off.

SBH19 – got out of this one with a small profit after jumping in then having regret.

HGZ18 – copper is looking increasingly negative, after failing to move higher.

ZSX18 – seems to have broken higher, maybe the price will come back to the midpoint of the candle.

ZMZ18 – seems to be building towards moving higher in the short term but the bigger picture is in a downtrend. That combination should read as a short term sell with a tight stop. I could use that as an entry to get on a longer term trend.

ZOZ18 – price has exploded higher and on large volume, seems like a good buy either near the midpoint of the breakout candle or at market. I decided to enter a limit order to buy at 295 and also went long 1 at market because the spike in volume was relatively huge.

RSX18 – also looks like it is going higher but also in a downtrend so have to wait and see.

DYZ18 – bouncing back at the moment and I expect will move higher, so just waiting for another opportunity to sell. Probably around 12150-12250.

SIZ18 – if equities rally higher it doesn’t seem like a good place to be so i got out of this one for a small profit.

VIV18 – long one unit at the moment, waiting for a pull back before going long again

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