Trading journal – 9th October

DXZ18 – has been as high as 95.78 and is still trying to push higher but looking a little weak right now, i’m surprised it has taken this long to approach 96. perhaps the bull trend is not as strong as I thought – a failure here would be quite negative.

GCZ18 – to my surprise the bears are looking the stronger of the two combatants at the moment, the price has again dropped to the bottom of the range even with the VIX increasing.

KCZ18 – coffee is looking very bullish and I would expect to see the price perhaps rise to the 200 day moving average. Once it reaches that level however in such a strong downtrend it would be a good selling opportunity. And might find resistance at the 100 day moving average instead.

ZWZ18 – still struggling to break up through the 200 day moving average and Monday’s price action was not helpful.

CCZ18 – 2000 has held for now but I’m a bit sceptical as to whether 2100 will become a new resistance level.

SBH19 – I think this represents a good sell opportunity at the 200 day moving average which is 13.22 today.

HGZ18 – another day of mixed signals

ZSX18 – a doji candle at the top of the run, perhaps 897 is a target but I’m not confident.

ZMZ18 – price on soybean meal looks to be failing again at 320 and I’m almost tempted to go short with a Target at 300 although I am a little bit dissuaded by the price and volume action on the 5th of October.

ZOZ18 – a huge bullish break looks like it’s been staged by oats karma and the price is now holding around the midpoint of the Breakout candle so this could be a big move higher. The price action has been quite volatile on the 4th 5th and 8th of October. Perhaps they are just taking out the short stops at the top of the range but certainly the last 3 days look quite aggressive.

RSX18 – some more constructive price action and it looks like canola is building to move towards 510 or at least the 200 day moving average 506.

DYZ18 – more perssure on the downside. It’s been a good run so far and I’m not sure whether to take profit as it’s reached the previous low but history of the last four selling episodes would suggest that the new low should be about another hundred points lower than the previous low.

SIZ18 – seems to have failed which was the most likely outcome in a strong downtrend but I’m perhaps a little bit surprised at how early it happened in this rally.

VIV18 – added to my position last night and entered a limit order to take profit at 17. There is also been a lot of volume on the previous 3 or 4 days spikes, so that’s encouraging

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