Trading Journal – 26th September

DXZ18 – is it another day of indecision or another day of weakness. I’m not sure. On balance I’d say it looks more positive.

GCZ18 – Gold again down at the bottom of the range and has found support, I’m sure we’ll see another drift up towards the top of the range near 1215.

KCZ18 – I sold on Tuesday night’s session at 0.9740, target on the downside is 0.9550. Stop on entry was 0.9850

ZWZ18 – a weaker day but nothing definitive.

CCZ18 – Sold at 2230, target on the downside is 2130.

SBV18 – Took profit at 0.1044, it seemed to run into resistance at 0.1038 and my average price across all three was 0.1096, so it didn’t have far to move before my profit would be wiped out.

HGZ18 – the break looks to be fading earlier than i expected. Or it might just be consolidating an up move, nothing to do for me either way.

ZSX18 – another rejection of 850 does not look good, although the last four days price action looks more like a positive move than a negative one, looks like it’s building for another test of higher levels.

ZMZ18 – a big negative day on Soybean Meal, although it would seem obvious it must now head towards 300, I have been caught before being too aggressive on this setup.

ZOZ18 – a fail at 260? maybe. no action for me to take.

RSX18 – could go either way, have to watch instead of acting. nothing clear for me.

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