Trading Journal – 20th September

DXZ18 – US dollar index is looking ugly and I think we will be seeing it down towards the 200 day moving average quite shortly.

GCZ18 – As much as I don’t want to admit that Gartman could be right, this is starting to look like a bottom in gold or at least a level you could go long from in the short term.

KCZ18 – Anyone who had a stop around 100 has comprehensively been taken out by now. Once we get some consolidation I’ll be looking to try and get long. I think the sort of consolidation I would like to see is between 5 to 10 sessions of sideways action with no new lows.

ZWZ18 – The price may have broken the down trend line that was established from all the highs of the move down from 625 but I’d be more inclined to expect another bout of selling from here.

CCZ18 – This was a disappointing one to miss, it’s gone now so I’ll just have to wait for another opportunity.

SBV18 – The average price for my Sugar Trade was 11.14, which is where I moved my stop up to. However so far during today’s session it has held below that level. It’s disappointing to see all my profits wash away, i’ll just have to wait and see where this one goes.

HGZ18 – Copper is again on the front foot after a positive day on big volume on the 18th of September. Solely based on the price action for that day I would say it is going higher and so far on the following two days we’ve just seen some light consolidation near the high recorded on the 18th.

ZSX18 – Soybeans trying to get back above the support line at 826, staying there for now. Will it hold? I’d be surprised. Where to take action? A close below 826 would be enough for me with a stop at 830.

ZMZ18 – Another bounce but I’m still not convinced this is going much higher, this is probably a good opportunity to sell. I would expect another failure at a level below the previous High at 320.

ZOZ18 – I’m expecting it to sell off from here and head down towards 233.

RSX18 – The bigger picture for canola is negative, however in the short term it looks the selling has been arrested at 485. Price has broken down below the rising support channel formed by the low points at the 16th and 24th of July as well as the 29th of August. On the other side it seems to have found some buying in line with the previously mentioned July support levels.

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