Trading journal – Thursday 26th July

DXU18 – the process come back below the 40 day moving average which is a concern so I think I need to exit this position before it costs me any more money.
KCU18 – coffee again seems indecisive at the 15 day moving average so I would take this to be just another potential sell signal before a move lower. Should i be selling here? Maybe with a tight stop just above 112.06 (yesterday’s high). Not sure. In that case it’s not clear and do nothing.
ZWU18 – huge signal in wheat yesterday with a massive up day of more than 6%. And also on very large volume. I’m going to put on a buy a market because this could be a big signal.
BLCM – disaster. Finally out with most of it done around $6.18. There’s never any circumstance where I cannot find another opportunity so have to cut losses straight away and wait for the next opportunity. Average price was around $8.
SBV18 – another slow day with buying gently holding just above the 11.00 level. No clear action for me to take at the moment.
HGU18 – added a second unit to this trade buying around 2.81, the price has continued back towards 2.90 overnight so in the short term I will just wait and see how far the price retraces. The 40 day moving average is sitting at 2.9938 today so will look to take profits just before that I think and then when I see the price rise slowing down I will probably look to get short.
ZSQ18 – the price is a little higher again this morning drifting up to 860. It’s possible I could come back another 40 or 50 points but I don’t think there’s any great trades here at the moment so I’m just going to leave it for now. The rally after such a large sell-off has been very weak so I can’t see the mean reversion trade having much impetus right now.
ZMZ18 – got a position in this one and it has started to drift higher a little bit so I’ll just sit on this one for now and see if it does make it up towards the 340 level.

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